Objectives of the exchange program

Efficient transfer of knowledge will be achieved by exchanges with early stage and experienced researchers and their direct involvement in scientific research of the respective host. The scientific topic of the project requires sophisticated experiments and complex theoretical calculations. The main advantage of the coordinated research effort of all participating partners compared to their individual capabilities lies in the close collaboration between theoretical and experimental teams, which will enable development of theoretical models for specific experiments at the time of their commencement. More strategically, the project will result in:

  • improved quality of training offered to early stage researchers (including seconded, visiting and local researchers) through high-level research offered by the participating teams;
  • intense transfer of knowledge via embedding visiting experienced researchers in the hosting partner teams within the activities of joint research and via seminars given by the visiting fellows;
  • establishment of a solid basis for development of long-term synergies between the participating teams;
  • fostering international cooperation between EU countries and third countries with strong tradition of scientific excellence. Such cooperation is particularly important and logical for Eastern EU countries, which can use their location to exploit and benefit from the potential beyond Eastern boarders of the EU.